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Introducing our Rainbow Personalised wall hanging, perfect for adding a touch of charm to your nursery or home decor.

Handmade with 100% recycled cotton, this wall hanging is not only beautiful, but also durable. And with the option to personalise the writing, you can make it a truly unique and special addition to your space.


How Sustainable? 

All the artworks were designed and created mostly from leftovers we had from making big wallhangings. Small pieces of cut cord are stored and waiting to become a completely new and unique products, like these beautiful pieces. 


Size Rainbow

Width approx. 25.5cm

Height approx 30.5cm


NOTE: You are chosing primary colour (neutral, blue,pink, green etc), but each piece is entirely handmade and unique. Variations apply as it will be an artwork made just for you, and it depends on the colours that are currently in stock. That will not, however, change the beauty and uniqueness of your own piece.

Rainbow, Personalised

  • If they get wet, loose a shape or have small pieces of thread misplaced, don't panic.

    They are made out of 100% natural cotton, and you can bring them back to their old glory anytime.

    If stained, wash them with a damp cloth in a lukewarm water. Use gentle soap if needed and rinse by carefully wiping again. Leave them to airdry.

    If needed, comb them out with a comb or a brush, spray them with a strong hairspray and let them dry and stiffen. Then you can carefully cut them back to shape if there are any threads sticking out from brushing.

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