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"AVIVA" name is a modern Hebrew name meaning “springlike, dewy, or fresh” and that is why I chose it to be named after, as this is the feeling I get by looking at it.


"Aviva" is made with 100% high quality organic cotton cord and so will each piece made to order be. Wooden driftwood is carefully picked by myself in one of many beautiful walks in nearby forest, bleached for 24 hours in order to eliminate any dirt and get it sanitised, then dried for 3 weeks on a fresh air, covered in one layer of matte clear top coat in order to keep its natural look.


This gorgeous wall hanging is a perfect addition to your home or office decor. Our handmade macrame from natural materials features a delicate design that's both modern and sustainable. Hang it on the wall, string it as art on a gallery, as an entryway decoration, as a garden accessory-the options are endless! This decorative Aviva macrame will bring character and warmth to any space you put it in with its simplistic yet stylish design.




Driftwood: 120cm ( 47in)

Artwork:     Width  70cm ( 27.5in)

                    Height 100cm ( 39in)- (not including the suspension cord)


📨If you are looking for different colour and measurements options of this artwork, please message me and

I will do my best to meet the expectations of the design you are dreaming about.


- Aviva -

  • FREE DELIVERY all over Ireland.

    Please check your shipping rate at the end of checkout, depending on your country.

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